Video Project

In this project I utilized Adobe Creative Cloud-Premiere Pro to create an instructional video for how to have a successful and efficient instrumental practice session (with specific focus on the saxophone). I filmed everything myself with an iPhone SE, and then I cut down and edited that raw film in order to create a cohesive video. I added transitions between different sections of the video, and I used voice-over for the introduction. Additionally, I layered text over the video during the instructional sections so the viewer could grasp exactly what the saxophonist was doing while simultaneously hearing every note that was played. At some points, I brought text in and out with transitions, but I also employed the “Crawl” and “Scroll” features.

So many students know that they need to practice and that they are strongly encouraged to do so by their teachers, but they do not know how to go about this. Reading about practicing is helpful, but I personally know that spending some time with and watching somebody who knows what practice techniques work for them can be extremely helpful in starting to create a personal regiment. With this video, I aimed to inspire unsure musicians and guide them towards a more pleasant and effective practice experience.