About Me

I started playing the clarinet in the fourth grade because of the band program at Simonds Elementary School, and I was instantly hooked — I have not stopped playing ever since. I have played in wind ensembles, full orchestras, big bands, jazz combos, pep bands, and even a drum ensemble. I currently play alto saxophone in the San Jose State University Spartan Marching Band, and in my free time I love playing my ukulele.

My experience has cultivated a passion that I know I will have for the rest of my life, and though I do not plan on playing professionally, I hope to pursue a career in the music industry so I can help to promote and share the music that I love and that has brought me so much joy. I love to write, and I am majoring in Public Relations at San Jose State. With this blog, I am combining my different passions, and I hope to succeed in demonstrating to you, the reader, the importance of music education.