Music Education Meditations delves deep into the community of music education and how it has the power to affect so many people in so many different ways. Various aspects of music education are explored, from elementary school bands to college ensembles, from the reeds students use to the optimal shoes for marching band, and from the cognitive benefits to the emotional ones. Different strategies and products related to music education are highlighted, along with interviews with different people who have vastly different experiences with music. This community can be so vibrant and multi-faceted — it is its own culture.

In regards to specific ensembles and locations, this blog focuses on the musical community of San Jose, California. There are so many robust opportunities for music in this city, and the groups, students, and teachers deserve more respect and attention. There is still room for improvement though, and here it will be discussed how we can all work to make this possible. I hope that by exploring this blog, you can find something to inspire or encourage you, no matter what your relationship to music education is.