The Power of the Teacher

Teachers can be so influential on children of all ages when they genuinely care, and I have personally had some music teachers that really did change my life. They taught me how to be confident in my individualism, how to work hard to achieve tough goals, and how to appreciate music and the empathy it encompasses. These people are so often overlooked for what they do, which is so much more than just throwing instruments into the hands of middle and high schoolers and waving their arms around to conduct.

I have been involved with music education throughout my entire schooling career, ever since the beginning of elementary school. Therefore, I have only had four music teachers in my life. Because there is generally one music teacher to teach a variety of music classes, a music student ends up having that teacher for multiple years at a time. This brings the students and teachers closer together, so by the time graduation comes around, they really know each other. A true mentorship is established, and I always felt I had a trusted adult I could turn to, no matter what troubling situation I found myself in. One of my teachers has even come and supported me at my college marching band performances. Another one of my teachers would bring food to school for students who did not have enough to eat. These people have inspired me in so many different ways and taught me so many different things, and I can never thank them enough. These teachers do so much for their students, and there are so many teachers out there like this. They have the power to influence so many students in such positive ways, and they deserve the utmost respect and support.