What It Means to Be a Section Leader

More often than not, the section leader is the best instrumentalist in their section. They practice their instrument as they should, they have good tone, and they generally know what they are doing. They are the most mastered at their instrument in the group, and they are the example the director wants the other students to strive for. However, although being a section leader means that one is a talented musician, there is so much more that goes into holding this respected position — a section leader is a role model, a teacher, and ideally a friend.

If you are a section leader, the other students are generally not looking at you just as a good example of a musician, but as a role model as a whole. You are the demonstration as to how one should behave, and the attitude one should put towards the ensemble: do not abuse your power with apathy. If you care about what you are doing, then the others in your section will too. In addition, you must act as a teacher, instructing the others on how to improve in an effective and positive way. When an individual is clearly struggling and too afraid to ask for help, it is up to you to decide if you want to make that difference — you hold a lot of power. Finally, you are left with the responsibility of creating peace and harmony within the section. If you can be kind to others and encourage them to be kind and supportive of each other, it will make your job easier and more fun for all.