What Students Should Be Doing In the Audience

Even though it is often with a large group of people, getting up on stage and performing repertoire you have been working on for months can be exhilarating and nerve-wracking, and just a lot of fun. This is the time for you to demonstrate what you have been working towards, and to impress the audience. You have talent to showcase, and you expect the audience’s attention and respect — when you are in the audience, it is your duty to reciprocate that.

Oftentimes multiple ensembles play at school concerts, so there will be a lot of students in the audience. When you are one of these student audience members, it is your job to provide an example of how everyone in the audience should be acting. You should be quiet and respectful, and refrain from playing on your phone or doing homework while the other groups are playing. Do not be distracting to those around you, and try to focus on what you are hearing and seeing. Genuinely try to enjoy the performance, and congratulate group members as they finish. Feel free to clap and celebrate the performance, but do not holler obscenities or even yell in general — this is not a sports arena. Be respectful, and other students will do the same for you.