How to Support

There are so many benefits to music education, and there are so many wonderful programs across the country creating safe havens for students of all backgrounds. However, many of these programs are underfunded and in danger of collapsing. On top of this, rumors have been circulating in the media since President Trump’s inauguration that he is considering cutting the small 0.003% of the federal budget that is dedicated to the National Endowment for the Arts and instead redirecting it towards military spending. It is of utmost importance to protect these programs, but the question is: how?

One of the best ways to support the arts is to do so directly. Check out the websites of your local schools and see if there are ways to get involved, whether it is through donating or volunteering to help out at the annual bake sale. Some schools have programs like Castillero’s Music Boosters that receive community donations to help financially support the ensembles. Other schools like Simonds Elementary School receive no funding whatsoever from the school district, and the music program is solely funded by the generous donations given to the Simonds Music and Technology Foundation. There are also organizations that operate on the national level, such as the VH1 Save The Music Foundation and the Hot Topic Foundation (which is partnered with the GRAMMY Foundation, Little Kids Rock, and Notes For Notes). Check out these options, and keep your eyes peeled for whatever you come across, as you never know when and how you just may change a child’s life for the better.